Why is Oxygen Therapy good for you?

Oxygen is the most vital element required for human life and it is the key to good health. We can survive without water for a week and go without food for a month, but we can only live a few minutes without oxygen.

Can I have an Ozone Sauna if I am still breast feeding?

There is no known reason why you should not have an Ozone Sauna.

What is the cause of degenerative diseases like Cancer?

All body activities require oxygen. The human body is 2/3 water. The cells function by burning sugar in oxygen to provide energy. The waste products are carbon dioxide & water. If there is insufficient oxygen at the cellular level, aerobic respiration turns into anaerobic fermentation and carbon monoxide and lactic acid will be formed. The body can not easily rid itself of monoxide (it prevents the haemoglobin from picking up fresh oxygen at the lungs). The lactic acid can build up in the system causing degeneration as the body’s water gets dirtier. The blood will carry a heavy load of sludge, and the lymph will become dirtier and dirtier. Eventually toxins will be deposited in the fat or organs. Disease will result, and the symptoms of this condition are toxic build up – for which the underlying cause is hypoxia or oxygen starvation at the cellular level.

What has Oxygen or lack of it got to do with Cancer?

In 1981 Dr. Otto Warburg of the Kaiser Institute in Berlin announced that he had found that the cause of cancer is lack of oxygen at the cellular level. For this discovery, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 and again in 1944(cause of cancer damaged cell respiration).

What is the connection between Oxygen and Ozone?

Ozone is a form of energized oxygen. It is formed by passing oxygen through an electric field inside an ozone tube.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy consists of introducing ozone gas into the body in any accepted methods, like insufflations, drinking water, funnelling and the ozone steam sauna.

What does ozone do?

Ozone is a strong oxidant. During oxidation in the body, the extra oxygen molecule is released leaving O2. This then increases the oxygen content of the blood or tissues while also oxidizing other toxins .Singlet oxygen is a highly reactive, beneficial free radical that acts as a scavenger of other harmful free radicals. The oxygen combines with some of them to render them harmless, thereby protecting cells from damage. Healthy cells have an enzyme coating around them that protects them from oxidation. Bacteria, viruses etc, do not have such coating. When ozone enters the body, it destroys any viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeast, mould or any cancer cell it comes into contact with.

How does the Ozone Steam Sauna help?

The steam sauna provides a dual treatment: ozone therapy and hyperthermia. The person sits in a steam cabinet, with the head out. The warm steam surrounds the body opening the pores. The ozone is easily able to enter into the body through the skin, penetrating into the blood, the fat and lymph. As the body sweats most of the toxins are brought to the surface and expelled through the pores. Ozone taken on regular basis will over time, safely clean all fluid of the body providing high level of immunity from most common diseases.

How long and frequent the sauna session should be?

Sauna session should be 30 min. duration if possible. For serious diseases, especially cancer sessions should be five days per week, with weekends off. For less serious, sessions may be reduced to two-three times per week.

Is ozone all that someone needs to do to achieve perfect health?

For the best results ozone steam sauna is given as part of a total plan rather than in isolation. This includes proper nutrition, some moderate exercise, plenty of mental as well as physical rest. In addition, parasite cleanses, liver flashes and colon cleanses which are very important part of the total health plan.

Does any other country uses ozone in treatments?

Today, ozone therapy is practiced in 24 countries all over the world: Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Japan and many others. In Europe there are estimated 15,000 doctors administering ozone therapy every day.

What does ozone do?

There is a great deal of information available about the pros and cons of the use of Ozone. Here are some of the known benefits of  Ozone Therapy applied medically. Proof as to the strength and functionality of ozone treatment via the Steam Sauna is not as widely documented. It does seem that the people who have received Ozone Steam Suana Therapy are convinced of many of the benefits(below) are associated with Ozone Medical Treatments.

  • Inactivates viruses; oxidizes bacteria, yeast fungi, parasites protozoa, cancer cells
  • Stimulates immune system, speeds healing
  • Cleans arteries and veins, improving circulation
  • Purifies the blood and lymph
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces cardiac arrhythmia
  • Improves brain function and memory
  • Scavenges free radicals
  • Chalets heavy metals
  • Stimulates production of protective cell enzymes
  • Oxidizes toxins so they can be eliminated through the skin