Ozone Therapy Complementary Diet

Must Do’s Ozone Complementary Diet during the Ozone Sauna Treatment

  1. Start each the day a large glass of warm water with juice of half a squeezed lemon.
  2. Drink 250ml (1 medium size glass) of filtered water every 2 hours.  This is very important as it helps flush toxins that are released for disposal by the body during the therapy. (Set alarms on your phone to remind you when to drink your water)
  3. Start taking a course of MgO Oxy powder 7 days before your treatment starts or have a Colonic irrigation the day before treatment starts. This helps to cleanse the digestive system (the intestines and bowel) and makes it easier for the liver and kidneys to dispose of the extra toxins being released for disposal during the treatment period.
  4. After each ozone sauna add ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt to 500ml of warm water and drink it within 10 minutes.

Try to Do’s – You are strongly advised to try do the following during the Ozone Sauna Therapy period as these items will help accelerate your wellbeing, feelings of wellness and improved energy levels.

  1. Try to limit caffeinated drinks to one or two per day
  2. If you smoke, try and cut down or stop, whilst on the Ozone Sauna Therapy
  3. Try to avoid all alcohol whilst on the treatment
  4. Rest when you feel tired.
  5. It is beneficial to have a full 8 hours sleep each night. Try to be in bed by 10.30pm and asleep by 11.00. Go to bed earlier if you rise before 7.am.

To make the most of your Ozone Sauna Therapy – in addition to the above and for best results you can follow this diet during the Therapy period.

  1. Enjoy a bowl of Oats and honey to sweeten or fresh fruit salad for Breakfast.
  2. Snack on Walnuts and raw Veg between meals.
  3. At Lunch and Dinner, eat as much raw vegetable salads, lightly steamed organic vegetables – especially greens.   Eat plenty of foods rich in anti-oxidants.
  4. Eat between 4 and 6 oz. of fish, chicken or meat for either lunch or Dinner
  5. Include fresh vegetable juices during the day such as carrot daily (can combine carrot and apple/pineapple/cucumber/spinach/celery/ginger/beetroot/spinach as many vegetables as you like) Vitamix is the best Juicer/Blender for this purpose.
  6. Try to exercise every day (20 minutes) while doing the Ozone Sauna treatments. This helps to get the lymph system pumping to assist in removing toxins.
  7. Full body or Lymph Massage also helps the body remove toxins. Dry body brushing prior to or during your shower in the morning is also very good to get your lymph circulating – long strokes towards the heart starting from your feet.
  8. Avoid hydrogenated fats (found in processed foods, margarines, most bought cakes, biscuits, chips).  Use only organic butter, olive oil or coconut oil for cooking.
  9. Avoid all foods where the sugar (any ingredient ending is Ose is a sugar)  is listed in the top 3 ingredients or makes up more than 10% of the total ingredients.
  10. Avoid refined flour products and processed foods as far as possible.
  11. Reduce or eliminate dairy as far as possible, and increase intake of almonds, sardines with bones, sesame seeds (tahini), kale and other leafy green vegetables to ensure adequate calcium intake
  12. Do not eat foods that you know you are intolerant to or that cause problems such as bloating, mucus build up etc. (wheat and dairy are common culprits)