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Ozone Sauna Longevity Club Comments

This Club is for those people who have qualified for the Club. Here is why I set this club up.

8 months ago I was at the end of my tether. I had arthritic pain in my feet, hands and back. I was unable to walk without increasing amounts of pain killers and even then only for a couple hundred yards at a time. I was unable to move about on most days without a backstrap on for fear of my back going into spasms and I had to rub volterol gel onto my thumbs on waking just to be able to make a cup of tea.    The Doctors were great, just kept on increasing the pain killers which in turn started to cause my kidneys to play up, and quite frankly did not work. The more medication I took the worse I became. In the end, it was off to a health spa to see if I could shed some weight and (the truth is) I wanted time away from the family to contemplate and plan my exit from this planet.  With 2 young boys and a lovely wife, finding a positive way off the planet is very important for those left behind.

Anyway, this website and blog is for people who have joined the Ozone Sauna Club, we have called it the Longevity club because I am convinced that this therapy will keep me alive for many more years.  Follow the blogs for my full story or go to Youtube and look for Garth’s Ozone vids.